Matthew Stockman/Mike Riordan Bloody ELbow

Tomorrow, wrestling will encounter the first of two major barriers that need to be overcome in order to retain its status as an Olympic sport. This barrier comes in the form of the IOC picking which sports will be considered for the final remaining Olympic spot. Twitter will play a factor in which sports gets selected.

One gap remains, one opening, one vacancy remains in the Olympic program, and wrestling seeks to fill it. Tomorrow the IOC execituve board will pick up to three sports from a list of hopefuls; one of these sports may be included in the 2020 games.

Today, as part of the selection process, the IOC board will scrutinize the number twitter followers possessed by the governing bodies of the sports in contention. FILA is the governing body of wrestling, and right now it badly could use your follows on twitter. Go now and follow @fila_official. That is, unless you want to see a vital part of our cultural heritage as human beings erased from the world’s highest platform for sporting competition.


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