Al Bello/Mike Riordan Bloody Elbow

The IOC has announced that wrestling has made the most recent cut for inclusion in the 2020 games.

Olympic wrestling lives to fight another day!

The IOC executive board just announced three sports as finalists for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic games. Joining wrestling are baseball/softball and squash (sorry wakeboarding, wushsu, and roller sports).

This was a huge hurdle to jump, but wrestling is not safe yet. In September in Argentina, the assembled IOC will determine which of these three “shortlist” sports will see the Olympic program in 2020, if any. Wrestling will only need a simple majority of the IOC’s 100 plus members, and then this nightmare is over.

Until then, I recommend to continue to show support for the cause of keeping wrestling in the Olympics. Follow FILA and other wrestling related content on social media, and find a way to watch the world team trials which will take place in the next couple months. The new rules, probably a big part of this IOC decision, have really made the sport a joy to watch.


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