Image courtesy of Esther Lin for Daniels Bloody Elbow

UFC middleweight contender, Costa Philippou has left Team Serra-Longo to train at Bellmore Kickboxing Academy, as first brought to the attention of our own, Steph Daniels in her interview with Matt Serra.

Across the ever changing landscape of mixed martial arts, we see lots of changes. Whether it be changing organizations, weight classes or camps, it is a pretty regular occurrence, that most of the time, only stays on the MMA radar for a few hours. It is odd, however, when we see a fighter with a great record, and on a win streak, strike out for greener pastures.

During an interview I conducted with former UFC welterweight champion, Matt Serra, it was revealed that Costa Philippou has left Team Serra-Longo on good terms to train at the Bellmore Kickboxing Academy with Keith Trimble. There was no dramatic scuffle or falling out. It was a very amicable parting of the ways. Here’s what Matt Serra had to say on the subject:

Costa’s not flying our flag anymore. He went over to Bellmore Kickboxing, just to make that clear. I love Costa. He’s a good dude. He just wanted a change. Me and him are always cool, you know, but he just wanted a change. He went a couple towns over to Bellmore Kickboxing with Keith Trimble, who is a very cool guy. It’s a pretty cool camp and Longo brings guys over there for sparring, and vice versa. It’s all good. It’s all friendly, but he’s just not going to be carrying the Serra-Longo flag anymore, for sure. I wish him nothing but the best for his career.

You can catch the first part of my fantastic interview with Matt tomorrow morning at 9 am EST.

You can follow Matt via his Twitter account, @MattSerraUFC


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