Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE/Matthew Roth Bloody ELbow

While Jenna Jameson was making accusations of drug use, Tito Ortiz was taking care of their children. But now it seems her comments have strengthened his resolve to maintain full custody of their children.

This afternoon, Jenna Jameson sent out several tweets implying that Tito Ortiz abused drugs. She even went as far as tweeting out a photo containing prescription bottles and several needles. The reason for those tweets is because she is currently in a battle with the former UFC light heavyweight champion for custody of the couple’s children, Journey and Jesse Ortiz.

Ortiz chose to remain quiet on social media, instead choosing to speak with John Morgan of MMA Junkie to discuss Jameson’s allegations. Ortiz attempted to not to lose his composure, though he did make some serious statements about Jameson’s decision to not be around her children.

I have a nanny that comes in and helps me because Jenna doesn’t want to be a mom. She has a problem, and I don’t want to bash her because she’s the mother of my children. But I’ve tried to help somebody for the last seven years. I tried to make a family, and it’s hard to do that when somebody else doesn’t want to contribute.

He continued discussing Jameson’s disappearing act and how it was her decision to not be around their children. He lists off times when she’s had the chance to see them but calls a monitor saying that she can’t. It sounds like the comments she’s making have also further his resolve to have the courts decide which parent should have custody of the children.

I’m here every single day supporting my kids. She had an opportunity to see her kids, and all of a sudden, she calls the monitor saying she can’t do it today. I don’t understand it. I don’t want to bash her. I work hard for my children. That’s it. I tried to help somebody who doesn’t want to be helped. That’s it. She can sit here and bash me all she wants on social media. Her fans can believe her. But I’m going to court right now.

He also made some comments about how Jameson had a negative impact on his MMA career. For those that remember, Jameson was a bit of a distraction as she’d often tweet at Dana White in support of her husband. At one point, those tweets became so out of control that White told Ortiz to put his wife “on a leash.”

I worked hard. I had been a world champion before I even knew the chick. Since I’ve been with the girl, I’ve tried to help her, and I went outside my box to try and help. She ruined me. What, I won two fights since I was with her and lost seven?

Ortiz told Bloody Elbow‘s own Stephanie Daniels earlier this year that personal issues were a major reason for those losses. While it’s obvious there have been distractions in his personal life, Ortiz saying that his relationship with Jameson was the reason for his seven losses is a bit of a stretch. He was also dealing with slew of injuries and quite frankly, was facing a much stiffer class of competition than when he was UFC champion.

One thing that is clear is that Ortiz loves his children and will do everything and anything to ensure they have the best life.


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