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In response to Fitch’s comments on the WSOF 3 media call, Dana let loose in a rant about how well the UFC treated him throughout his tenure.

Only a little over a week away from his first fight since being cut from the UFC, Welterweight Jon Fitch let off some steam about his former employer at the World Series of Fighting 3 conference call on Thursday. Fitch went as far as to say his time with the UFC was like being “in a hostile work environment.” Fitch said he felt like every time he stepped into the Octagon he was fighting for his job.

As expected, UFC president Dana White wasn’t pleased with the statements from Fitch. White told MMA Junkie:

In the time Jon Fitch was with us, we paid him $302,000 in discretionary bonuses – $302,000. That’s money that me and Lorenzo decided to give him above and beyond the deal that he signed. He also made $130,000 on performance bonuses for his two ‘Fight of the Night‘ bonuses. That’s a hostile work environment? Everything that Jon Fitch said is complete and total bull—t.

Jon Fitch said he was working under a hostile work environment and that he never had an opportunity and should have double the wins he had with us,” White said. “He was complaining about what he had to go through here, about people saying stuff under their breath to him and all this bulls—. Jon Fitch is so full of s–t. He’s f—ing delusional. First of all, he had every opportunity that anyone else had. After Georges St-Pierre beat the living s–t out of him, did we treat him differently or anything?

“Just to lay it out with facts, Jon Fitch lost to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 87. He had an opportunity to fight for the title, and he got destroyed in that fight. He fought to a draw with B.J. Penn in a top contender fight. Then he gets a chance to be a No. 1 contender again and gets knocked f—in dead in the first round by Johny Hendricks. What f—ing opportunities has he not been given?

White went on to highlight the major PPV events Fitch has appeared on since losing his title shot at UFC 87. However, Dana neglected to mention that he was dropped to the preliminary card after losing to GSP, that his fight on UFC 100 didn’t air until after the main event, or that he lost his promised contender spot after beating Thiago Alves for the second time at UFC 117. White did point out that Fitch had gone 1-2-1 in the two years before he was cut from the promotion.

Fitch will appear as the main event at WSOF 3 against fellow UFC veteran Josh Burkman. The event will take place on takes place Friday, June 14 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.


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