At 39 years old, Mark Hunt doesn’t have a lot of time to be sitting on the sidelines. Unfortunately, his injured leg is keeping him from resuming his duties inside the Octagon.

File this under “Wow, that’s awful.”

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight slugger, Mark Hunt, could be headed back to the hospital next week to continue treatment for the giant, gaping hole in his leg, caused by infected hematoma. See video of his most recent treatment here.

Warning, that video is NSFW.

Unfortunately, Hunt’s skin graft did not survive, which means the “Super Samoan” could be hospitalized for a second time. In addition, he’s already scheduled to see a plastic surgeon early next week to try to get his leg patched up and back in working order.

From his official Facebook page:

well troops jus wanted u guys to know the skin graph didnt survive,and i think i will be back in hospital next week,its a bummer really cause the hill song confrence is starting next tuesday i hope i dont have to go hospital,but we will see i see plastic surgeon tuesday.didnt realise how bad this is man.anyways troops will keep u guys informed roger roger over and out lol.

The cause of his infection was not revealed.

It has been a rough couple of months for Hunt (9-8), who also saw his title hopes go out the window when he had his face pushed in by Junior dos Santos at the UFC 160 pay-per-view (PPV) event last month in Las Vegas (replay here). The knockout loss to “Cigano” snapped an impressive four-fight winning streak.

If and when he returns to the cage, remains to be seen.

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