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“My thing with Randy Couture is he is a legend in his sport. He seems like a good person. I don’t know him personally, but from when I met him, he seems like he’s a great dude, man. And if he is a real man, come put the gloves on. I did it his way, now come do it my way. I’m glad they got respect for me because my background speaks for me. Everybody knows that I ain’t got no bitch in me.”

James (had his) “Lights Out” Toney sings a different tune following his submission loss to Randy Couture at UFC 118 last Saturday night (Aug. 28) in Boston. The portly pugilist was taken down and choked out by “The Natural” in a lopsided affair designed to draw casual fans to a “Boxing vs. UFC” contest that proved just how different both sports are despite Toney’s pre-fight trash talk. Can the fading legend convince Couture to get his butt whooped inside the boxing ring? Or is there nothing left to prove after his “Beantown” beatdown?


“Well, Toney has gotten in the best shape he’s ever been in in about I don’t know how many years. He’s taken this a lot more seriously than he has his boxing career. One of the things with these boxers they have been doing it since they were little kids and how much can they learn? They start to get bored or lazy or whatever you wanna call it. So they don’t train as hard. Toney has taken this serious. He’s gotten in the best shape he’s been in in years and this is going to be a very interesting fight. Anything can happen when two good guys go in there and start throwing punches, scrapping, and fighting. Anything can happen, but James Toney has knockout power in both hands, he’s been one of the best and he’s fought the best forever. Randy Couture has great wrestling and if you break down stats, James Toney doesn’t have as many tools as Randy Couture has so Couture should win the fight. James Toney has talked so much smack I want to see him get smashed in this fight.”

Never one to hide his true feelings, UFC President Dana White tells 790 The Zone in Atlanta (via SportsRadioInterviews) that he is hoping James Toney not only gets beaten by Randy Couture at UFC 118 this coming weekend, but gets beat down bad. It’s no secret that James Toney and Dana White haven’t exactly shared pleasantries through the media in the lead up to the August 28 showdown, but is it wise for the bossman of the promotion to be openly rooting against one of his fighters, even though it is “Lights Out?” Anyone at all bothered by this, or do you share Dana’s sentiment about the outcome of this bout?


“It’s funny. Someone asked me about the way I feel about James Toney and I just said that I think he’s naive and ignorant by thinking he can stop Randy Couture’s wrestling with a hand combination, I guess he took offense to that. He said he would slap me if he ever saw me at a UFC event. I’ll let that guy prove his own ignorance. Obviously slapping me he could face some assault and battery charges. How about this, get by Randy Couture first and then call me out, and we can settle it inside the Octagon. I would move up to heavyweight to beat him up.”

Jon Jones spoke to The Daily Line on Versus about his growing beef with James Toney after his dominating first round victory over Vladimir Matyushenko at UFC on Versus 2. “Bones” is referring to this quote from “Lights Out” where Toney called him “Homo” and said he would slap Jones if he ever saw him. Jon seems to be pretty serious about putting a quick stop to the filth that has been pouring out of Toney’s mouth for the last couple months. If in some miraculous fashion James manages to knock out Randy Couture later this month, who’s interested in Jon Jones stepping up to heavyweight and stepping into the Octagon to face James Toney?


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“Give him the message, tell Dana White to excuse these nuts. I’m going to make an example out of him and his fighters. After I knock out Couture, if he wants he can get in there too. Dana White say he want to make an example out of me, I make an example out of everybody else. Dana White, I don’t care what he say, he can say whatever he want to say, but his ass too scared to get in the cage. That boy don’t fight in a cage. I ain’t got no problem with Dana outside of fighting; me and Dana are cool. Two peas in a pod, but other than that when it comes to this fighting thing, Dana better stay behind a desk and push a pen, and don’t predict nothing cause he’ll lose his company doing that.”

Boxing blowhard James Toney thinks UFC President Dana White is the one who’s going to be made an example of when the portly pugilist knocks out Randy Couture at UFC 118 in Boston. “Lights Out” has given the Zuffa prez a case of buyer’s remorse and could prove once and for all what a prediction from Dana White means — if and when he finishes “The Natural.” Anyone think Toney can pull it off?


“We’re going to make an example of James Toney. James Toney’s been an accomplished fighter for many years, and he’s training in mixed martial arts now. James Toney’s a real fighter. Listen, James and I go back and forth, and he’s mad at me right now, and he’s going to be even more pissed off after what I just said. The reality is, I am not so delusional that I don’t think anything can happen when two big guys get in there and start throwing punches. He’s going to try to knock out Randy Couture that night. It’s become this whole UFC vs. boxing thing. I said it before, and I’ll say it again, always yapping about people who do ‘freak shows,’ I’m doing one.”

UFC President Dana White talks to reporters (via MMAWeekly) about his UFC 118 match-up between Randy Couture and James Toney on August 28 in Boston. Will it be “Lights Out” for the portly pugilist? Or is Randy Couture going to be a victim of the sweet science? And does anyone want to take Dana to task for putting on a “freak show,” or is it worth it for the opportunity to see Toney get silenced in “Beantown?”


Looks like it’s going to be “Lights Out” on August 28 in “Beantown.”

Past-his-prime pugilist James Toney will finally get the chance to prove that boxing (with takedown defense) trumps mixed martial arts on any given Saturday when he takes on former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Randy Couture at UFC 118 in Boston.

UFC President Dana White confirmed the bout agreement was signed by Toney in a UFC 115 video interview with Ariel Helwani — despite a recent report that his signature had yet to be obtained.

Toney has enlisted the help of Juanito Ibarra, perhaps best known as the former trainer of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson to help him transition to MMA. Despite his rookie status, the NABO heavyweight boxing champion was able to submit Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion “King Mo” in practice.

But don’t expect Couture to be as generous in August.


No one will ever mistake “The Natural” as a world class striker, but he’s as good (or better) than anyone in the game today at identifying an opponent’s weakness and exploiting it. Also consider his wrestling background and experience inside the cage and it’s hard not to give Toney anything more than a puncher’s chance.

It’s just a question of how long Couture allows Toney to stay upright.

UFC 118 is expected to feature a lightweight bout between current 155-pound contenders Kenny “KenFlo” Florian and Gray “The Bully” Maynard as they try to stake their claim to the winner of a possible championship rematch between Frankie “The Answer” Edgar and BJ “The Prodigy” Penn, also booked for the Aug. 28 card.


… but still hasn’t signed to fight Randy Couture.

The Strikeforce light heavyweight champion explains what happened in practice… we’re talking about PRACTICE!

“Yeah, it’s true… I got tapped by Toney in training. It’s just training… no more questions!!! Lol… Subs happen…”

“King” Mo Lawal details how he tapped to a standing guillotine courtesy of James through his Facebook page. Toney recently made the transition to the Octagon to prove, well, something I assume.

He’s apparently making progress, but there is just one problem: “Lights Out” has yet to sign his bout agreement to fight Randy Couture at UFC 118, which is set for August 28, in Boston, Massachusetts.

From MMA Live’s Gareth A. Davies:

“Well I got a little disturbing news when I called the UFC for a little bit of a round up this morning is that James Toney is dragging his feet over the bout agreement signing with Randy Couture, which I think is bad news… Well it’s a lot of hot air from James Toney; he wanted to be in it, why is he dragging his feet. That needs to be cleared up very soon.”

Is Toney pulling a card from his boxing playbook with the delay tactics, or is he just too busy getting up to speed on the nuances of the sport to ensure that UFC 118 doesn’t turn out how most fight fans expect it to?

Slice was the second most popular fighter on the show (hometown fighter Patrick Cote got a deafening response). Make no mistake about it, he could still draw to a degree if put on a live Spike show. On PPV is a different animal. There is something that Slice has that few fighters have. People just like him, whether he wins or loses. But if he can’t beat Mitrione, the reality is, he probably can’t beat anyone in UFC. He didn’t want to fight James Toney, who he possibly could have beaten in a fight that would have meant something. And his knees are shot and he doesn’t know how to defend low kicks, which is a bad combination. The high price tag was also a factor.