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As has been a theme for much of the year, another six fighters appear to have been trimmed from the UFC’s rosters.

As soon as an event is over, it’s inevitable that a few fighters will have fought for the last time with the promotion. Sometimes exactly which fighter ends up being on the outside is a bit of a surprise (unless you’re the omnipotent Tim Burke), sometimes the predictions feel easy. Whatever the means or the method, it would appear that another six fighters have made their exit from the world’s largest MMA promotion: Eddie Mendez, Roger Hollett, Anthony Smith, Nah-Shon Burrell, Karlos Vemola, and Leandro Silva.

It’s not the most surprising list in the world, all are fairly low profile fighters coming off a loss, but there are a couple of releases that seem a trifle abrupt. Over the course of his Zuffa career, Nah-Shon Burrell is 4-2, and while his wins may be short on name power, his UFC debut was an entertaining victory over Yuri Villefort. He did miss weight, badly, in that fight and struggled to make it in his most recent loss to Stephen Thompson, but at only 23 it seems like early days to cut a fighter loose altogether. No doubt a few strong performances on the regional circuit will see him back in the UFC, but it’s a harsh lesson nonetheless.

While I realize that TUF alumni usually only get one chance to prove their mettle in the octagon, it appeared that Leandro Silva was not getting the TUF treatment. Stepping in on short notice to fight Ildemar Alcantara, at a weight class above his preference, is usually the kind of act that will grant a fighter a stay of execution for a less than stellar performance. However, following an especially listless debut at UFC on Fuel 10, it would appear that “Buscape” has been shown the door as well. He’s definitely better suited to lightweight, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pop up again as a short notice replacement for a future Brazilian UFC card.

For the other fighters involved it’s hard not to feel sympathetic for anyone suddenly out of a job, but in the world of athletics, where performance is everything, it’s also difficult to see what these fighters had to offer the promotion going forward. Perhaps seeing the outside of the UFC will help them revitalize their careers and return better, more well rounded fighters. If nothing else I hope they find a lucrative market for their skills.

No official announcements have been made, but we will be sure to keep you updated if and when confirmation is made available.

*Note: appears to have some caching issues, so some of these changes may not be immediately apparent.

UPDATE: Since the writing of this article Nah-Shon Burrell has confirmed his release from the promotion stating that Joe Silva contacted him personally and that his relationship with the UFC was entirely respectful and positive. He also stated that he hopes to make a quick return to the promotion.


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A few fighters will need a win to stay in the UFC on Saturday night in Brazil. Who are they?

It’s been a few weeks since an event, but we’re back this week with UFC on FX 8 in Brazil. The card has suffered through many injuries and replacements, and looks a lot different than the original card when it was announced a couple of months ago. That makes these things a little trickier, since the UFC usually tries to give late-notice debuting fighters a second chance if we’ll lose. Nonetheless, let’s get to it.

If you don’t know how these work by now, it’s pretty simple. I’ll take every fighter on the card and divide them into three categories – “likely to be cut with a loss”, “possibly cut with a loss”, and “likely safe regardless of the outcome”. If you’d like to see how accurate I’ve been over the last six events, check out this update. If not, let’s get onto this Saturday’s event.

Likely to be cut with a loss

Paulo Thiago – Thiago has a great story, being a BOPE officer and all that. And he has faced some stiff competition throughout his UFC career. But the fact is that he has lost four out of his last five, and his last two straight. His only win in the last three years came over David Mitchell. He always comes to fight and would probably be one of the first welterweights the company brought back in if needed, but he’s a goner if he loses to late replacement Prazeres.

Fabio Maldonado – The guy always brings it. You know that when you’re going to watch a Fabio Maldonado fight, it’ll probably be entertaining. But the simple fact is that he has lost three fights in a row and has a single win in the UFC thus far. A fourth straight loss, especially to a lower-level guy like Hollett, would spell doom for him.

Roger Hollett – I was never really sure why they brought him in originally, especially having to deal with his Bellator contract. He lost to Matt Hamill in his debut and didn’t look good in the fight. A second straight loss would probably show the UFC that he’s not worth keeping around.

Jeremy Larsen – I had assumed he got cut after his TUF 15 Finale loss, but apparently not. He’s been dealing with injuries and has been given another shot. Well here it is, and if he loses he’s probably looking at another run in the regionals.

Lucas Martins – Mineiro was given a huge challenge in his first UFC fight when he met Edson Barboza on just 17 days notice. He came up short, but was given a much more winnable fight against Larsen this time out. Frankly, I don’t think he’ll lose. But if he does, they’ll probably send him back out to get a couple of wins before he gets a third shot in the octagon.