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As much as Jon Jones admires and looks up to former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, he would never even think about fighting with his hands down like “The Spider’ did against Chris Weidman at UFC 162, and also says seeing Silva lose the way he did was a reality check.

When Anderson Silva coughed up his 185-pound throne to Chris Weidman last weekend (July 6, 2013) at UFC 162, fans and fighters alike were left in shock and disbelief.

Among them was Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, who took to his Twitter account immediately afterward to express his feelings on what he had just witnessed (see it here).

“Bones” was rightfully upset, seeing as how many believed he was one win away from a much-desired “super fight” against the former middleweight king. The loss not only crushed that fight, but also cost the 205-pound champion a potentially huge payday.

Aside from being upset at the fact that he lost out on his chance to be the first man to hand Silva his first loss inside the Octagon, Jones says seeing Anderson lose was a reality check.

Furthermore, “Bones” says he would never even think about fighting with hands down at his waist like “The Spider” did in “Sin City.”

His words during today’s (July 9, 2013) UFC 165 press conference:

“It actually motivates me a lot to watch somebody who I look up to like that lose. It’s like a reality check. I try to keep my ego in check when it comes to the fight game. Watching Anderson lose like that; first of all, that’s something I would never do, is put my hands down and fight my opponent that way. Seeing Chris Weidman’s dream come true, it motivates me to be a dream crusher.”

Speaking of gameplans, as Jones prepares to defend his title against Alexander Gustafsson in the main event of UFC 165 on Sept., 21, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the Jackson-Winkeljohn fighter is determined to prove to fans that the distinct size advantage he holds over most of the 205-pound division isn’t the sole reason for his success.

His words:

“I definitely would like to prove to people that my size isn’t the only reason why I’ve made it this far, it’s also my mental approach to the game. I’ll definitely try to prove I can kickbox with Alexander Gustafsson. I kickboxed with Shogun Rua, Lyoto Machida and Rampage Jackson. I know the safest place I can fight him and also for the fans and my own ego. I see it pretty clearly with his strengths and weaknesses like I do with every opponent.”

That size advantage, however, will be nonexistent against the six-foot, five-inch Swede (see the evidence here).

And while taunting and disrespecting his opponents has never been a part of Jon’s repertoire, after seeing one of the greatest of all time pay the price for “taking it too far” with his antics, it will likely remain that way.

It’s a good thing too, because pulling those shenanigans against a fighter as dangerous as “The Mauler” could prove disastrous for anyone.


At 39 years old, Mark Hunt doesn’t have a lot of time to be sitting on the sidelines. Unfortunately, his injured leg is keeping him from resuming his duties inside the Octagon.

File this under “Wow, that’s awful.”

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight slugger, Mark Hunt, could be headed back to the hospital next week to continue treatment for the giant, gaping hole in his leg, caused by infected hematoma. See video of his most recent treatment here.

Warning, that video is NSFW.

Unfortunately, Hunt’s skin graft did not survive, which means the “Super Samoan” could be hospitalized for a second time. In addition, he’s already scheduled to see a plastic surgeon early next week to try to get his leg patched up and back in working order.

From his official Facebook page:

well troops jus wanted u guys to know the skin graph didnt survive,and i think i will be back in hospital next week,its a bummer really cause the hill song confrence is starting next tuesday i hope i dont have to go hospital,but we will see i see plastic surgeon tuesday.didnt realise how bad this is man.anyways troops will keep u guys informed roger roger over and out lol.

The cause of his infection was not revealed.

It has been a rough couple of months for Hunt (9-8), who also saw his title hopes go out the window when he had his face pushed in by Junior dos Santos at the UFC 160 pay-per-view (PPV) event last month in Las Vegas (replay here). The knockout loss to “Cigano” snapped an impressive four-fight winning streak.

If and when he returns to the cage, remains to be seen.

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Tomorrow, wrestling will encounter the first of two major barriers that need to be overcome in order to retain its status as an Olympic sport. This barrier comes in the form of the IOC picking which sports will be considered for the final remaining Olympic spot. Twitter will play a factor in which sports gets selected.

One gap remains, one opening, one vacancy remains in the Olympic program, and wrestling seeks to fill it. Tomorrow the IOC execituve board will pick up to three sports from a list of hopefuls; one of these sports may be included in the 2020 games.

Today, as part of the selection process, the IOC board will scrutinize the number twitter followers possessed by the governing bodies of the sports in contention. FILA is the governing body of wrestling, and right now it badly could use your follows on twitter. Go now and follow @fila_official. That is, unless you want to see a vital part of our cultural heritage as human beings erased from the world’s highest platform for sporting competition.

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No, Cat Zingano is not the latest spokesperson for Rice Krispies, but rather details the shredded meat inside her knee that forced her to miss out on the mixed martial arts (MMA) opportunity of a lifetime.

“I was doing my regular routine, my strength and conditioning. I was jumping over tunnels that were about 12 inches high. I’d jumped over them like 10 times already. This one time, I jumped up and my left knee came down right on track and my right knee bent outward. Snap, crackle, pop, and I hit the floor. That was all she wrote. It was terrible. It hurt bad, but the thing that bothered me most was the sound. I never experienced anything like that.”

— Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Women’s Bantamweight No. 1 contender, Cat Zingano, tells Yahoo! about how she injured her knee, forcing her off the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 and ruling her out of a title fight against 135-pound division champion, Ronda Rousey, later this year. Zingano today underwent secret surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and meniscus injury that she suffered in training and is expected to be sidelined from six to nine months. Miesha Tate, who “Alpha” defeated at TUF 17 Finale on April 13, 2013, to earn the historic opportunity as one of two females to serve as coaches on the promotion’s mixed martial arts (MMA) “reality” television franchise, has been tapped as Zingano’s replacement.

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Luke Rockhold recently challenged Michael Bisping after the Brit claimed he got the best of him during training. “The Count,” however, advises the former Strikeforce middleweight champion to win a fight inside the Octagon first before he starts calling him out.

Before former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold ever graced the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon, Michael Bisping claimed he got the best of him in sparring sessions during an appearance on MMA Uncensored Live.

“Luke Rockhold? By all accounts he and Lorenz Larkin should fight and the winner of that fight — if not both of them — go over to the UFC. Are they gonna come over and be number one contenders? I don’t think so. You’re in Strikeforce, come over to the UFC and earn your place. Let me put it like this: I’ve sparred with Luke Rockhold recently and let’s just say I’m the unofficial Strikeforce champion. Sorry Luke, but these are the facts.”

Those claims were made almost six months ago with not one rebuttal or denial from Rockhold.

Until now.

The American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) standout took to his Twitter account today (May 28, 2013) and did what seems to be the popular thing to do these days, and that’s challenge Bisping to a fight, saying he wants to settle their beef, once and for all:

Luke Rockhold

@bisping u dont have opponent, I dont have opponent, u talk shit about “practice” i say we set the record straight once & for all @danawhite

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And while Rockhold wants the brash Brit to walk the walk after talking the talk, “The Count” isn’t too thrilled about the potential match-up, saying the Strikeforce import needs to earn a win inside the Octagon before he starts calling people out:


@LukeRockhold @danawhite I say you go and win a fight in the UFC then we can talk.

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While UFC matchmakers don’t typically match up a fighter coming off a loss against a fighter coming off a win, they do, however, seem to have a habit of pairing up fighters that suffered their last defeat to the same person.

Both Rockhold and Bisping fell victim to Vitor Belfort’s improved kicking game as “The Phenom” crushed “The Count’s” title hopes with a head kick at UFC on FX 7 earlier this year while Luke suffered the same fate at UFC on FX 8 four months later.

And it’s safe to say Belfort’s knockout of the former Strikeforce champion was a bit more impressive.

While his recent win over Alan Belcher at UFC 159 won’t exactly push Bisping back into title contention, a win over a former champ in Rockhold could further help his cause. On the flip side, a win for Luke over a seasoned veteran like Bisping could help him erase the horrible memory that was his UFC debut.

And though the British brawler isn’t too keen on the pairing, at the end of the day, UFC matchmaker extraordinaire Joe Silva has the final say.

Make em’ bang, bro!

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Nate Diaz was hit with a $20,000 fine and a 90-day suspension following a controversial Tweet that labeled Bryan Caraway a “fag.” Now, Mike Kogan — Diaz’s mixed martial arts (MMA) manager — wonders how exactly UFC officials came up with the punishment, questioning the promotion’s Code of Conduct.

Nate Diaz found himself in hot water last week when he took to Twitter and called Bryan Caraway, the “biggest fag in the world” after “Kid Lightning” became the recipient of a $65,000 in “Submission of the Night” bonus after Pat Healy — the original winner — tested positive for marijuana in his UFC 159 post-fight drug test.

Diaz didn’t like it one bit.

After Diaz sent out the controversial tweet, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) brought down the hammer on the Stockton slugger, suspending him for 90 days and fining him a whopping $20,000.

Mike Kogan, Diaz’s manager, came to the defense of his client, saying it was meant to refer to Caraway as a “little punk” and has nothing to do with homosexuals at all. Nevertheless, a few hours later, UFC executives had the final say, punishing The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 5 winner for his insensitive language.

Now, Kogan is questioning the mixed martial arts (MMA) promotions Code of Conduct, confused as to what exactly is considered to be offensive. More important, Kogan wants to know which fighters are held to a higher standard.

He shared his concerns on “The MMA Hour:”

“No, I’m not surprised (UFC suspended Diaz). They have made it pretty clear that they are not going to tolerate any kind of controversial statements. I don’t think they have made it clear enough as to exactly what they are and what they are not. I’m still confused on this code of conduct thing, but I know one exists somewhere. But I wasn’t shocked that they came out the way they did. This is just my personal opinion, I don’t want people jumping all over me for this and hating on me again, but, I think yesterday or the day before yesterday, Joe, whatever his name is, Benavidez, whatever. He tweets out a picture where he is butt naked with a watermelon in between where his junk is supposed to be and two guys in singlets behind him and the tweet says, “just doing my part to support wrestling” or freeing wrestling. I mean, to me, that’s, I don’t know what message he was trying to send and I don’t know how supporting wrestling involves being naked with a watermelon between your legs and two guys in singlet’s behind you, but one could argue that can get some people offended. And nothing’s going on with him. So, I don’t know how this thing is applied. Obviously the slur that Nate used was not intended for what people are thinking. I’m sure it qualifies as something you shouldn’t say, but, I just don’t know how it’s applied. Different people do different stuff. I think Ronda Rousey has made some comments that were kind of questionable. I’m not trying to throw people under the bus, I’m just saying, people that are out there making their opinions known and I guess just randomly are more bold than the others or maybe there is some kind of Twitter hate meter, if it goes up to high you start to punish, I don’t really know, it really doesn’t matter, it is what it is.”

Joseph Benavidez’s photo in question is right here for your viewing (dis)pleasure.

Kogan revealed he was the one who deleted the tweet, but neither he nor Diaz “feel bad” for it because they didn’t mean it in the way most people took it. Accordingly, to expect either one of them to apologize for something Diaz didn’t intend to do is “stupid.”

“Nate doesn’t feel remorse for what he said. I don’t feel remorse for what he said. I don’t feel remorse for defending what he said or elaborating on what he said. Because it was not a homophobic statement. It was not intended to offend homosexuals. We weren’t even talking about homosexuals. One can debate the multiple uses of this term. We can sit here and debate in the English language, there’s a lot of words that mean a lot of different things, but whatever. As it is, it wasn’t intended to be used the way people tried to twist the way it was being used. So therefore, what does he have to feel bad about? The fact that [Caraway] shouldn’t gloat over other person’s issues and try to kiss ass to make a point?

Matt Mitrione was recently suspended for his verbal assault against transgender fighter Fallon Fox, but his punishment was short-lived as “Meathead” was booked for a fight three weeks after the ruling was handed down.

Perhaps if Diaz isn’t allowed to get back into the Octagon early, much like Mitrione was, his management team may have a point when it comes to equality in punishments handed down.

Anyone out there think there are holes in the UFC’s Code of Conduct that need to be filled for the Las Vegas, Nevada,-based promotion to avoid future problems with agents, managers and lawyers?

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UFC lightweight Nate Diaz has been fined $20,000 and suspended 90 days for his offensive Twitter message directed at Bryan Caraway.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has fined and suspended lightweight Nate Diaz for his controversial Twitter message on Thursday (May 16, 2013) afternoon, which featured a derogatory slur directed at bantamweight fighter Bryan Caraway.

The fine comes in the amount of $20,000 and Diaz will be forced to serve a 90-day suspension, according to a press release from UFC officials.

“UFC lightweight Nate Diaz has received an immediate 90-day suspension and $20,000 fine for violating the UFC’s fighter code of conduct,” said the statement posted on the UFC’s official website on Friday (May 17, 2013). “The language used in his tweet was regrettable, offensive and inconsistent with the values and culture of the organization, and is not tolerated.”

The incident was sparked when Diaz sent out an offensive tweet directed at Caraway for “taking” the $65,000 UFC 159 “Submission of the Night” bonus Pat Healy lost when he tested positive for marijuana earlier this week.

The derogatory term used in the message immediately sparked controversy throughout the mixed martial arts (MMA) community and shortly after UFC officials announced Diaz’s actions were not tolerable and he was suspended pending an investigation.

UFC President Dana White then announced a clearer punishment was on it’s way.

“We are going to fine, suspend or cut him. One or two of those three will happen,” White stated on Thursday evening.

Mike Kogan, manager of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 5 winner, issued a statement attempting to defend his client’s actions; however, it apparently fell on deaf ears as Diaz received a three-month suspension and as well as a significant fine.

Diaz is the second fighter to violent the UFC’s Code of Conduct policy since it was released to the public last April, joining Matt Mitrione, who was also suspended and fined for making controversial comments about transgender fighter Fallon Fox.

While not confirmed, it is likely that Diaz’s suspension will be proactive from the day of incident, meaning he will be eligible for competition again as of Aug. 15, 2013.

According to the release, the money from the fine will be donated to an unnamed charity.

UFC middleweight (and perhaps future welterweight) Hector Lombard recently posted a picture of his cauliflower ear on his official Twitter account, and the mixed martial arts (MMA) community collectively vomited. There are some nasty cauliflower ears in the sport, but Lombard’s is the kind that will haunt your nightmares for the coming weeks.