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Fight Gallery:UFC 115

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Fight Gallery

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Rich Franklin crumbles Chuck Liddell with a short right hand in UFC 115 main event (Pic). Is this the last image we see of the “Iceman” inside the Octagon? Perhaps more important, should it be?



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For complete weigh in results for UFC 115: “Liddell vs. Franklin” click here. Pat Barry gets hyped after the jump.




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“Yes [a loss at UFC 115 would be the end of Chuck Liddell’s career], and I think he will say the same thing. But let me tell you what the difference is – the difference before, when I wanted him retired,  was that he wasn’t doing the right thing. He was out partying every night and doing the wrong thing not the right thing.  He wasn’t living the life of a professional athlete… He and I sat down and talked and I will tell you what, he has kept his word. He has been phenomenal shape since the beginning of The Ultimate Fighter and it will be interesting to see how he does. Because Rick Franklin is tough, he is no joke. He had that war with Dan Henderson that many people believe he won, he had the war with Wanderlei Silva – he has fought all the best in the world.”

Sound familiar? Well, that’s because it is. But, Mr. White wants everyone to know that he isn’t bluffing this time around. If Liddell loses this weekend at UFC 115 against Rich Franklin, that’s a wrap. Dana points to the difference in “The Iceman’s” approach the game for this fight as opposed to others in the past as the reason a defeat here, when Chuck’s in the best possible shape he can be, would mark the end of his illustrious career. I think. I’m pretty sure. Maybe not. So, what say you? If Liddell goes down this Saturday night, does he live to fight again? Or, is Dana for real this time? Will he demand the end of one of the greatest MMA careers of all time? What are your thoughts?


“I respect Rich and I think he’s a bigger challenger [than Tito] for sure, so that motivates you more to get into the gym and I’ve gotta be prepared. I’ve got to show up ready to go or I’ll pay for it. I don’t see it being a problem. I think [ring rust is] psychological for some guys. At the end of the fight, I’ll decide what I want to do next. I’m planning on making another run at the title — that’s what I want to do, so we’ll see what happens.”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell talks to the media at yesterday’s conference call (via and expects opponent and ex-middleweight champion Rich Franklin to present a bigger challenge than original foe Tito Ortiz. “The Iceman” has some pretty lofty goals for the remainder of 2010, including another run at the 205-pound title. Will “Ace” make sure he never gets there? And if he does, what happens against guys like Rampage, Evans and Rua, who already own (T)KO losses over the TUF 11 coach?


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“I’m not worried [about his 14-month layoff], and I’m not going to worry about it. My timing is on, my training is on, so I can’t see that affecting me in the fight. I don’t think it’s going to make a difference. Like I said, being in shape the whole time, it’s not like I’m cutting a bunch of weight. I didn’t take a year off and get fat. I’ve been in shape for a long time. I didn’t start my camp at 250. I started at 224. I’m not worried about it. I’m in shape and ready to go. If Rich wants to push, I’ll push him as far as he wants to go… I had plenty of time to adapt and prepare for Rich. It’s not a factor. This guy is a quality opponent and a tough guy, [but] I am planning to knock him out.”

Just as Quinton “Rampage” Jackson did for UFC 114, Chuck Liddell will be coming into his main event bout against Rich Franklin at UFC 115 following a 14-month layoff. Not exactly ideal for the 40-year old former UFC light heavyweight kingpin. “The Iceman” however, says he isn’t worried about the affects of ring rust. Even though “Rampage” admitted his time off from the fight game played a role in losing to Rashad Evans last weekend, Chuck points to the fact that he started his training camp for this fight in much better shape that Jackson did for his. Can’t really argue with that point. So, what do we think? Will Liddell’s long layoff prove to be the difference maker in this match up? And is Chuck’s prediction of a knockout in his favor in line with what you’re thinking? Let’s hear some thoughts.